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More About Grace Fellowship Church in Davenport, IA

 We recommend continual exposure to the Gospel through authors such as John MacArthur, Paul Washer, Tim keller, John Piper, and Voddie Baucham.  These reformed theology brothers in  Christ (including Kevin Swanson) unknowingly minister to us and by God’s grace allow for continued learning of who God is.  Paul Washer Sermons, as well as John MacArthur sermons, Voddie Baucham sermons, and John Piper sermons can be found easily on Youtube and provide a great addition to the teachings at Grace Fellowship.  If you are looking for a church and enjoy these pastors you can be assured the Gospel is preached here as these well-know pastors do.  Although not officially part of the NCFIC, Grace Fellowship is a family integrated church.